The 2 Minute Foundation is a registered charity that is devoted to cleaning up our planet for 2 minutes at a time.


Tab is one of the original two team members when it started in 2009 and now it's grown into a global family!

Our Creative Director Tab has been part of the 2 Minute Foundation since the very beginning (way back in 2009) when she shared an office with Martin Dorey the founder. After the ferocious North Atlantic storms of 2009, Martin used the hashtag #2minutebeachclean for the first time, posting pictures of the beach litter in the hope that others would join in. They did.

To date there have been over 175,000 pictures posted to Instagram, with countless others posted to Facebook and Twitter, amounting to hundreds of tonnes of beach litter removed from beaches, waterways and outdoor spaces worldwide. They now have 80,000+ followers across social media.


A charity with global reach

The Beach Clean Network transitioned into The 2 Minute Foundation in 2020 and now the charity collaborates with planet positive organisations and motivates corporates who want to make a positive change. The 2 Minute Foundation has a global reach, thousands of followers, a team of Angels, over 1,000 beach clean stations, a shop,  an online shop, and huge global clients like Coca Cola and Fjallraven who

commit to tens of thousands of pounds each year. The charity has relationships with An Taisce, Keep Britain Tidy, The National Trust, local councils, Keep Scotland Beautiful and Keep Wales Tidy, among others. The 2 Minute Foundation helps to change mindsets and provides a toolkit to help individuals mitigate their impact.


How to get involved

Getting involved is easy, whoever and wherever you are. There are loads of ways you can help to clean up the planet for 2 minutes at a time. From beach cleaning to shopping at your local waste-free shop, everything you do counts! And it all adds up to make a difference. Do a #2minutebeachclean, #2minutelitterpick or #2minutestreetclean. All you have to do is get out there and start beach cleaning or litter picking! Then, if you want to help to inspire others, take a picture of your haul and post it on social media using either the hashtags.

Click here to find out more ways to get involved.


From trash to treasure

Visit the 2 Minute shop here to buy ethically sourced and sustainable products, plus they provide all the equipment you need to help clean up the planet for 2 minutes at a time!

We love the Ocean Plastic Plant Pots, made from 100% ocean waste and transformed into a durable and recyclable product.

We also love discovering what treasures people have created using found plastic waste. The beautiful colour wheel below made by Michelle Costello has been made using pieces of plastic no longer on our shores! Michelle also creates adorable bespoke pictures and gift cards all made from the bits of plastic she finds.


Supporting me as a maker and creative, helps clean our beaches and utlise waste materials. It saves animals lives. It means I can give to charity. It means you can weave the seas clean.

Kittie Kipper ( @kittiekipper ) - Ghost Net Weaver


“I've been part of The 2 Minute Team since the very beginning. Martin asked me to whip up a logo design and create a single-page website way back in 2009 – look how far we've come since then!

There are so many reasons why I love working for an environmental charity. One main factor is 'driving change'. I feel a huge sense of fulfilment knowing that I'm supporting a great cause and that I'm part of an amazing team of people all working on the same goal. It's hugely rewarding. Another reason is that I love being able to surround myself with such inspirational people, all from different backgrounds and each with a story tell.”

Tab Parry ( @tabparry ) - Creative Director