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October 2023

Discover How Phasio is Revolutionising Customer Relationship Management in Manufacturing


In today's fast-paced manufacturing world, managing customer relationships effectively is the backbone for local manufacturers, especially small- to medium-sized businesses. Phasio, a dynamic Singaporean startup, aims to simplify and enhance this process, replacing disjointed communication tools with a unified, AI-driven platform.

Historically, customer relationship management for manufacturers involved juggling between various applications such as WhatsApp, SMS, email, CAD platforms, and Excel. This patchwork approach made communications fragmented and cumbersome. Recognising this challenge, Phasio introduced an innovative solution that centralises these communications into its manufacturing platform. Their AI chatbot, ManufacturingGPT, intelligently interacts with customers to understand their needs, offer design advice, and provide instant quotes leveraging Phasio's automated pricing mechanism. The vision? To empower local manufacturers to foster their customer relationships while efficiently scaling their operations.

Founded in 2021 by Harry Conor Lucas and Sudharshan Raman, Phasio's efforts have already garnered $2.5 million in seed funding. Airtree Ventures spearheaded this funding round, with notable contributors including 500 Global, Entrepreneur First, Gattaca Ventures, and others.

Currently, Phasio's platform benefits over 50 manufacturers across diverse markets such as Singapore, Australia, Germany, and several others. Their primary focus lies in assisting manufacturers in sectors like additive, vacuum casting, and moulding. Notably, they've recently ventured into the computer numerical control space.

Lucas, with a background in mechatronics, and Raman, an aerospace engineer, recognised the disparity between the pace of software and hardware industries. Their insights underscored that manufacturing, at its core, thrives on relationships. As Lucas remarked, the minutiae of design changes and quotations often bog down the process. This is where Phasio's platform shines, streamlining these tasks and allowing manufacturers to concentrate on what they do best: manufacturing.

Integrated with popular CAD, accounting, and shipping software, Phasio facilitates seamless communication between manufacturers and their clients. From instant quotes to collaborative design efforts on a digital storefront, the platform boosts efficiency. In fact, Phasio's approach enables engineers to juggle up to 10 projects simultaneously without compromising customer communication.

Lucas emphasises that by bolstering local manufacturing, Phasio contributes to a more resilient and diverse supply chain. “Local manufacturing should be accessible and by fostering its growth, we’re enriching the global manufacturing ecosystem," he adds.

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As they strategise their market outreach, Phasio recognises the dearth of quality content for manufacturers. They're now laying foundations at the community level, fostering an inclusive knowledge-sharing space for manufacturers.

While Phasio has competitors in the market, ranging from additive manufacturing solutions to legacy ERP systems, its USP lies in its comprehensive design collaboration features. In this aspect, it stands apart, enhancing manufacturing efficiency with its collaborative approach.

James Cameron from AirTree Ventures aptly sums up Phasio’s promise: "Harry and Raman aren't just addressing the immediate challenges. They're reimagining the future of manufacturing, a shift that’s not just desirable but inevitable for the sector."

By focusing on the needs of local manufacturers and offering a seamless, integrated platform, Phasio is well-positioned to redefine customer relationship management in the manufacturing world.

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