By Lottie


March 2022

Uncover The Top Web Trends We're Predicting for 2023


Over the decade, there's been a gradual shift when it comes to building websites. From clunky sites with impractical elements to clean UX designs that promote the ease of a user's journey. 

Previously, web designers were required to have a strong understanding of HTML and CSS, but are now also expected to build impressive designs with great efficiency. Businesses want their sites to have a more user-centric focus with easy navigation throughout.

An increase in creativity:

Over this year, we predict an increase in designers showing off the best of their creativity and shifting their designs to incorporate up and coming creative trends. For example, Neumorphism or "Soft UI" as it's otherwise known.

Developers are also predicted to build increasingly complex websites that mirror functions that would have only been possible as part of native apps as of a few years ago.

The current era is often reflected in its web design. As businesses shift away from corporate identities, we are seeing more businesses demonstrate the desire to appear more personal to their customers. Having a design with a more inviting and visually appealing approach rather than generic traditional standards will really speak to your audience and show you're up to date with current trends. Individuality is a key to engaging with your visitors so consider incorporating aesthetic typography that conveys the right messages for your brand as well as a contemporary colour palette to enhance your businesses appeal.

Tech is improving by the day and enabling developers to do far more with the websites they're building. Incorporating advanced features has never been easier. 

As an example, Truffle, our website builder incorporates fun and inventive elements on its home page to really captivate the user. This includes a layout that breaks the traditional grid as well as fun animations and fonts. It also includes a muted, contemporary colour palette to give that modern edge.

Truffle - our website builder for small businesses.
Truffle - our website builder for small businesses.

One-page sites

Sometimes simple websites are the most effective at communicating your business's services and values. 

A rise in single-page sites is growing in popularity for many businesses and this year is expected to only excel further.

Websites that remove the clutter and excess information allows customers to easily access the right information and reduces the risk of drop-off. A single page site is the equivalent of a virtual poster which users can engage with and find all the information in one place without distractions and noise from searching through multiple pages. 

Our example of Lisa Ward's website built for her nutrition and fitness business allows her to effectively engage and her customers who can find all the important information as well as contact her with ease.

Lisa Ward's Website.
Lisa Ward's Website.

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Less headers

Designers are opting for a new approach when it comes to crafting the hero sections and landing pages that show off design rather than relying on photographs or illustrations. From first glance, an image offers a high visual impact, but sometimes eliminating the distraction of an image allows more focus on the sites style and content.

This design created by Vladmir Gruev for Heartbeat manipulates form, typography and shape to effectively communicate a strong and unique brand identity allowing more focus on their sites style and content. From replacing pictures adds an element of mystery encouraging visitors to scroll further. 

An NFT Landing Page designed by Vladimir Gruev for Heartbeat.
An NFT Landing Page designed by Vladimir Gruev for Heartbeat.

Sites celebrating where they're from

Maybe after the past couple of years we're just missing travel, but there's definitely a trend of businesses shouting out and championing the area of the world they're based in. We are seeing photographs of landscapes featured on homepages and about sections calling attention to the towns, cities, and natural places around where the creators live.

The web can be a detached place where traditionally a website has no connection to where the creating company is from.

Simply adding a note like “crafted with love in...” or featuring an image of the town your office is located in shows your visitors where you are and creates a small spark of realised connection for them.

Our example of Odyssey Innovation includes a beautiful ocean image to reflect their core values that they stand for in saving our seas allowing their customers to be invited into their world. They're also based out of Cornwall, so the website features many photographs of the local area.

Odyssey Innovation's Contact Page
Odyssey Innovation's Contact Page

We're excited to see what the year looks like in terms of development...

Web design is constantly changing, but one thing remains the same, the user is always at the centre of every site we build for our clients. With further advancements in the tech space, we're guaranteed room for creativity in developing more interactive playgrounds and innovative spaces.