About Us

Barr Media is a creative technology agency helping businesses resonate with their audience across all digital channels.


We partner with good people and organisations to provide exceptional custom solutions. We care about the work we do, the clients we support and the people we affect.

At Barr Media we truly believe in the transformative power of digital technology and marketing strategy to enhance your business's ability to attract new customers, communicate with your existing customers and elevate their experiences, which is why we are so passionate about what we do. This belief is at the core of our business framework and is what motivates us to do our best to help our clients achieve their goals.


Our Core Values



At Barr Media, we are driven by our imaginations. We dare to imagine, dream and push boundaries in whatever we do.

As a company, we're always looking forward, imagining and looking to create what's going to be the next big thing across industries.



Having a big idea is one thing but going on to achieve what you imagine is another. We believe in keeping things simple where possible.

The solution may be complex, but we believe it's much simpler to slot the details into place if the ideas are clear.



We believe in doing what we say and treating everyone, from clients to employees with the same level of fairness and respect. 

We want Barr Media to be a trustworthy, reliable company to work with and we'll always be striving to keep these values at the heart of what we do.


Team Work

Teamwork has been what built Barr Media to be the company it is today. Our offices are the home to our small but perfectly formed team all with experiences in a variety of digital domains.

By sharing our knowledge and skills we can deliver an immeasurable amount of value to our clients and the business.



The business began out of a pure passion for the work that we do. Technology, design and culture are all fast-moving sectors and it's genuinely exciting to us seeing where they're heading.

This pure passion is what keeps us learning every single day.



We've worked hard to earn recognition not only as a creative design studio but also as a top technology agency that uses and develops some of the most innovative solutions for the biggest tech problems out there.

To us, value means that you're paying for the very best knowledge and expertise that you can get.

Creative thinkers & digital doers.

"We change businesses
into brands people love."