By Lottie


December 2022

A Year in Review: A Look Back at 2022's Finest Bits


As 2022 draws to a close, we thought we'd look back over this year and share some of our favourite moments from what's been our busiest year to date!

For our team, 2022 has been a crucial year of transitions and growth. As you may have read in our latest blog, which you can check out here, our digital marketing agency has flourished into a software development agency. 

Over the last two years, we've witnessed a global shift in the rise of businesses utilising technology and how they're using it to connect with their customers.  As a result of the global pandemic and the uncertainty that's come with it, we knew we had to transition, in order to cater to all our client's needs, whilst scaling our own business as well. Now, founders must consider the future of innovation to compete in this forever-changing landscape.

We've seen first-hand the benefits of investing in our current technologies and growing our skillsets and cannot wait to see what the new year has in store for projects as well as new technologies. Until then, let us celebrate what's been an awesome year by sharing a few of our favourite moments from 2022!

What's been happening in 2022:

Our tech consultancy agency has been involved in a number of amazing projects with our clients this year.  Our software developers are currently working on an artificial intelligence application, which we're very excited to share more once it's released in the new year.

Earlier this year, we partnered with Encompass South West, a charity that offers support and advice for individuals in North and West Devon that are at risk of homelessness. The team approached us with their app development requirements for an application to assist when handling certain situations within the business.

The app, which has been released on Android and iPhone, enables volunteers and members from across the world to access Encompass's policies with ease simplifying their systems. 

The Encompass App.
The Encompass App.

It's also been an exciting year of growth for Taylored Campervans. We've been working with the team on a 3D van builder for their website, which will allow users to fully customise their van with Taylored's swatches, conversions and more. Enabling the team to grow their business and reach more people online.

Our team also had a busy year with our latest website revamp. With the new transition of our business, it became clear we had to give the website a new lick of paint to go with it. A lot of love (and code!) went into the rebuild and it's been amazing to hear all the excellent feedback so far from our users.

Marylebone, London.
Marylebone, London.

Over the last few months, Will and Ben have had some exciting trips to meet with tech startups in London to discuss some exciting software development projects - whilst enjoying some of London's finest areas!

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See our work

Inspired by all the latest innovations happening in the AI space, we built 'Pixel Chess', an open-source Chess engine for all users to play. We decided to rate a fun spin on the classic game by adding a retro-style front end. when it comes to artificial intelligence, understanding how the AI behind chess engines is a fascinating place to start.

Not only is the game instantly recognisable to people, but building an engine to play Chess on such a high level requires the usage of many techniques in the world of AI making it a fun way to demonstrate this technology. If you're feeling rather competitive, you can try out the chess AI here.

It's been a monumental year for Hubinto, a property software platform that's just been released for Private BETA. Our in-house software engineers have been busy preparing for the very first prototype of Hubinto and now early access users can use the software to check house data, find out how much their home or a neighbours is worth on the market and learn more about their communities.

Over the next year, our team are aiming to release a whole new range of tools for property professionals which will allow them to easily create property appraisal reports and track their prospects.

Our team also grew this year by two new members, as two students joined us for their weeks of work experience. One of the students was involved in an exciting design project for a tech startup company that approached us for a brand revival. And the other delved deep into a web development project for a business that was looking for bespoke web creation.

It was a great opportunity for us to show how our skill sets are used in the workplace and give them the confidence to grow outside of their education.

What a Year!

With a year full of exciting projects and partnerships, we're very excited to see what the upcoming year has to offer. We're thrilled to continue working with our clients on their tech products and continue to see their businesses scale.

If you're looking for a software agency to collaborate with that will help get your ideas developed, then be sure to contact us. We offer a free no-obligation chat and can help you find a solution even if it's just to point you in the right direction.