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By Lottie


December 2023

As ChatGPT Turns 1 We Review How it’s Shaped the Future of AI Interaction


A year ago, the tech world witnessed the release of ChatGPT, OpenAI's groundbreaking AI chatbot, which has since revolutionised the way we interact with artificial intelligence. Originally introduced as a low-key research preview, ChatGPT quickly evolved from a basic, free-to-use web-based interface built on GPT-3.5 into OpenAI's most popular and fastest-growing consumer app in history​​. Today, as we celebrate its first anniversary, ChatGPT stands as a testament to the rapid advancements in AI, having transitioned from a novel experiment to an indispensable tool for millions worldwide.

Since its launch, ChatGPT has expanded with paid tiers and an enterprise plan, bolstering its capabilities with web searching, document analysis, image creation via DALL-E 3, and even features like speech recognition and voice synthesis. These advancements have made ChatGPT more than just an AI chatbot; it's a multifaceted tool capable of "hearing," "speaking," "seeing," and taking action​.

ChatGPT's impact extends to its popularity among mainstream users, evidenced by its mobile app versions reaching over 110 million combined installs and nearly £24 million in consumer spending within a year. The introduction of ChatGPT Plus subscriptions, priced at £18 per month, offers users enhanced features like access during peak times, faster responses, and early access to new features. The subscription model has been a major contributor to ChatGPT's financial success​.

The real breakthrough of ChatGPT lies in its user experience, bringing generative AI to mainstream audiences. Its ability to conduct conversations nearly indistinguishable from human interactions attracted attention across various sectors, from education to customer service. Researchers and users noted its potential to enhance the understandability of information and increase engagement through its conversational interfaces.

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Notably, ChatGPT's mobile app downloads have consistently grown, with a record 18 million new installs on Android within a week of its Google Play release. The app's success is reflected in its user base, with nearly equal downloads from India and the U.S., accounting for about 18% and 17.5%, respectively​​​​.

Despite its achievements, ChatGPT is not without its challenges. It has been criticised for producing responses that, while plausible, are not always factually accurate. This issue, known as "hallucinating," has led to its answers being banned from platforms like Stack Overflow and certain academic conferences. Additionally, concerns about bias in responses and the ethical implications of its data use have been raised​.

Our Final Thoughts

ChatGPT's first year has been marked by significant growth, technological advancements, and challenges. Looking ahead, ChatGPT's second year promises more advancements and potentially broader applications. With the introduction of GPTs, OpenAI's tool for building custom AI systems, ChatGPT could become a gateway to a wider ecosystem of AI-powered chatbots. This development might shift ChatGPT's role from a standalone product to a more integrated part of a larger AI landscape​​. ChatGPT is poised to continue evolving, potentially reshaping the AI chatbot industry in ways yet to be seen.

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