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November 2023

Chptr: A Revolutionary Memorialisation App Secures £1.2M In Seed Funding


In our latest Tech Roundup, we're exploring Chptr, an app that's revolutionising the way we remember and cherish our departed loved ones. We’ll be uncovering how Chptr's recent achievement of securing £1.2 million in seed funding is paving the way for a new era in preserving memories, offering an insightful look into the future of digital memorials, an essential read for anyone interested in tech innovations, digital legacy, and the evolving landscape of memorial services. Stay tuned as we discuss how Chptr is making a lasting impact in the world of digital memorialisation, creating a space for shared memories and everlasting tributes.

Chptr, an innovative app dedicated to preserving and sharing memories of departed loved ones, has successfully secured £1.2 million in seed funding. This unique platform offers users a comprehensive space to collect and share stories, images, audio clips, videos, and more, creating a digital memorial for those who have passed.

Founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Rehan Choudhry, Chptr was inspired by his experience creating video tributes for COVID-19 victims in New York City. Choudhry, in collaboration with his wife, a CBS New York news anchor, realised the profound impact these tributes had in supporting the grieving process. This realisation led to the development of Chptr, aiming to make such a platform universally accessible.

Chptr goes beyond traditional memorialisation by allowing friends and family to continuously share and cherish memories. It’s not just a tool for creating a one-time memorial; it's a dynamic space for ongoing remembrance and connection. The app has rapidly gained traction, boasting nearly 4,000 users and over 900 memorials, with a consistent 20% month-over-month growth.

The app uniquely democratises the memorialisation process, extending beyond immediate family and close friends. Chptr enables anyone with cherished memories of the deceased to contribute and share, fostering a community of support and remembrance.

Moreover, Chptr is expanding its reach to include business-to-business (B2B) services, supporting news organisations, TV networks, nonprofits, and medical centres in their memorialisation efforts. 

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By providing a centralised collection of memories, Chptr offers a valuable resource for these organisations.

The recent seed funding, led by Grit Capital Partners and featuring contributions from Singularity Capital, Ganas Ventures, Tubbs Ventures, Gaingels, Lucas Venture Group, and Accel Starter, follows a successful £2 million pre-seed round in the summer of 2022. These funds will be strategically invested in product development and marketing efforts.

Looking ahead, Chptr aims to create the world’s largest database of life stories, envisioning a future where over a billion people contribute to over 100 million memorials. Choudhry's vision is to establish a rich, content-driven 'Wikipedia of life,' ensuring that the legacies of individuals continue indefinitely.

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, Chptr is redefining the way we remember and honour our loved ones, making a lasting impact in the world of digital memorialisation.

Our Final Thoughts.

With CHPTR, we can preserve and celebrate the memories of those who have died through the power of technology. With its innovative approach and recent £1.2 million seed funding, Chptr is not just creating a platform; it’s nurturing a community where memories thrive and legacies are kept alive. As we look to the future, Chptr's potential to transform grief and remembrance into a shared, connective experience is immense. This marks not just a milestone for the app but a significant shift in how we approach memorialisation in the digital age. 

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