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October 2023

Copilot's Digital Fitness App for Personalised Coaching Experience


CoPilot, a leading digital fitness application offering tailored remote fitness coaching, has successfully raised $6.5 million in its Series A-1 funding round with primary investor Jackson Square Ventures. Boasting over 1.5 million completed workouts on its platform, CoPilot pairs users with specialised coaches to devise bespoke fitness programs, making personal coaching more accessible and budget-friendly than traditional in-person trainers.

Established in Pittsburgh in 2019, CoPilot's origins are deeply rooted in the personal fitness journey of its founders, CEO Matt Spettel and CTO Gabriel Madonna. Recalling his fitness initiation in high school, inspired by Madonna, Spettel shares that the concept of CoPilot sprouted during their academic pursuits at Carnegie Mellon and MIT, respectively. Their initial ventures into fitness-focused wearables shifted after realising the essential need wasn't enhancing workouts for fitness enthusiasts but guiding the average individual in consistent, effective exercise routines.

Determined to democratise personal fitness coaching, Spettel emphasises the value proposition of CoPilot. While in-person trainers offer immense benefits, their costs and the necessity to visit a gym can be deterring. Addressing this, CoPilot targets individuals acknowledging the significance of regular exercise but seeking consistency and achievement of fitness milestones.

Accessible via Android and iOS at $99 monthly, CoPilot initiates its personalised coaching process with a questionnaire. Users provide insights into their fitness history, personal traits, motivations, and specific coaching requirements. Subsequently, they're paired with one among CoPilot's 55 experienced coaches. A comprehensive 45-minute discussion follows, outlining goals and available workout equipment. Regardless of equipment availability, coaches craft unique fitness plans for users.

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Distinguishing itself from generic fitness apps, CoPilot employs sophisticated technology to simulate real-time coaching. Features include audio prompts reminiscent of real coach guidance and advanced algorithms for wearable devices like the Apple Watch, analysing motion data to offer actionable workout feedback. Spettel is convinced of the unmatched advantage of human touch in understanding diverse user needs, something AI or chatbots can't replicate.

The recent funding influx, escalating CoPilot's total capital to $16.5 million, is earmarked for team expansion across engineering, design, and marketing domains. Furthermore, the firm intends to onboard more full-time coaches and refine its growth strategy.

Looking ahead, CoPilot's vision encompasses enhancing its tech capabilities, particularly in real-time workout feedback and rep counting. Beyond fitness, Spettel hints at broadening CoPilot's horizon to encapsulate health and wellness aspects like nutrition, physical rehabilitation, and mental well-being.

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