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By Charlie Pizani


January 2024

Locofy Lightning: Transforming Frontend Development with One-Click Prototyping to Code!


In the fast-paced world of front-end development, coding Figma and AdobeXD designs into functional websites or apps is no small feat. Meet Locofy, the Singapore-based powerhouse backed by Accel, here to revolutionise the process with Lightning—a one-click solution that turns prototypes into code effortlessly.

Built on Locofy's cutting-edge Large Design Models (LDMs), Lightning operates as a Figma plugin, automating a whopping 80% of front-end development tasks. Co-founders Honey Mittal and Sohaib Muhammed draw parallels between Lightning and OpenAI's groundbreaking LLMs, addressing the pressing need for tools that alleviate developer shortages and prevent coder burnout.

Designed with lean startups in mind, Lightning allows developers to focus on strategic goals, leaving the nitty-gritty coding to automation. Initially launching for Figma, it plans to extend its reach to AdobeXD, Penpot, Sketch, Wix, and potentially Canva and Notion later this year.

With an investment exceeding $1 million, Locofy's Lightning is tailor-made for startups and customer-focused enterprises. Trained on a vast dataset, including millions of designs, it condenses complex development steps into a single, user-friendly click.

After Lightning generates the frontend code, users can fine-tune it with an interactive preview before export. Locofy, founded in 2021, has secured $7.5 million in funding from investors like Accel and Northstar Ventures.

Looking ahead, Locofy aims to expand its platform beyond design-to-code, introducing tools for design systems, public UI libraries, and seamless integrations with Github Copilot and CI-CD. The roadmap also includes an AI assistant for designers and hosting solutions for complete applications. 

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Having been in free beta for two years, Locofy plans to monetise in 2024, acknowledging that AI-code generation is a game-changer with unique business models, departing from traditional SaaS and developer tools. While finalising pricing details, Locofy anticipates costs based on factors like the number of screens or components converted to code and their regular AI-driven maintenance. Get ready to witness the evolution of front-end development with Locofy Lightning! 

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