By Lottie


March 2022

Discover the Mobile App Development Trends For 2023


Smartphones have changed the shopping landscape forever. Businesses are now having to adapt to the latest trends as more is being sold online. Whereas before you may have reached customers only in your area, now you are able to reach consumers from all over the world expanding your market and potentially the size of your business from using applications that meet the criteria. 

It's estimated that more than four billion people in the world are using handheld devices to discover places, listen to music, buy and sell goods online and follow along with the latest news meaning mobile apps have become an increasingly profitable business. 

By 2023, it is predicted that mobile apps will generate more than £649 billion in revenue, which is why organisations and developers are constantly looking for the latest apps and software trends that will help them build the next big application. 

Here are some of the next top trends we predict will dominate the mobile app industry in 2021 and beyond. 


Mobile commerce, also known as m-commerce, is the purchase and sale of products, online banking and payment of bills made through mobile devices.

During the late pandemic, m-commerce saw its biggest growth to date as more was purchased via e-commerce stores than ever before! In this year alone, it is predicted that £2.8 trillion will be made in revenue and is only set to rise over the upcoming years.

Developers are now looking to incorporate more and more features to make the user shopping experience easier by including one-click ordering, voice shopping and omnichannel retail into their codebase.

Beacon Technology

When finding products online, sometimes you want to try before you buy, well beacon technology will allow you to locate that product in the closest store to you!

Beacon is one of the most promising mobile app development trends with major potential in the healthcare and travel industries. 

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform app development translates to apps that are compatible with more than one mobile device such as iOS and Android users. This has become increasingly popular in recent years especially with big tech giants like Facebook and Pinterest that have implemented this approach to reduce costs, improve their efficiency and reduce development time.

Frameworks such as Google's Flutter, a UI toolkit has meant it is easier than ever before for developers to build apps all under one codebase and compile them natively to each platform it's deployed in. This will allow developers to fully customise applications in less time, capital or effort.

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Blockchain Technology

This is a technology that we have seen on the rise and are very excited about, however, many still don't know much about its capabilities. Blockchain is commonly seen in the form of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts making applications decentralised, more secure and more scalable in the long term. 

We are seeing more of a rise of this technology in different industries such as healthcare, finance and trading and is only expected to keep growing as blockchain is being used for more and more applications.

Mobile Wallets

More and more people are turning to online phone banking overpaying with cash and even with a standard card. Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Paypal are all examples of mobile wallets that are quickly becoming some of the most commonly used payment methods online because of their ease of use. Users simply have to link their account details to a mobile wallet app and use the application to pay bills, shop on e-commerce websites or transfer money to family members. 

Currently, mobile developers are working on enhancing existing mobile wallets by adding audio-based features, NFC and RFID payments. Experts are also predicting that in the future mobile wallets will slowly take over traditional payment methods especially with recent examples of blockchain technology mentioned above.

Just to summarise...

Including these trends in your upcoming app development will enable you to stay ahead of the competition - one we are very excited to see where it heads next!

If you're currently considering building an upcoming application, feel free to reach out to us for any help or guidance - we love helping businesses create the latest tech and would love to help your vision come to life!