By Lottie


June 2022

Learn How Mobile Apps can Transform Your Manufacturing Business


Manufacturers use mobile apps for many reasons, including improving efficiency, increasing productivity, and reducing costs. In this article, we’ll explore how apps are changing the way manufacturers operate.

How Mobile Apps are Improving Industries.

As technology advances, we're seeing more software implemented within many industries and revolutionising business processes. One industry that's seeing such benefits is the manufacturing industry. 

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, manufacturers had to evaluate processes. Through the implementation of new technology: transparency, flexibility and efficiency can be upgraded through software. 

Adapting innovative technology within your business has the power to reshape both enterprises and small businesses. Adopting an app that suits your business's goals enables manufacturers to grow.  Here are some of the benefits mobile apps for manufacturing companies offers:

Gain Better Communication Within Your Team.

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve internal operations and increase productivity. Mobile apps have become a popular way to do this, providing real-time data to workers and allowing them to make better decisions based on accurate information accessible from anywhere.

Internal apps also provide workers access to company information and issue better communication between team members, whether they're working in the office or part of a mobile workforce.

Better Training Resources.

Having informative training resources is vital for new employees, those who have been employed for a while and when new regulations or products are introduced within the company. Apps designed with your business structure and processes will improve employees' progress, behaviour, and productivity whilst not interrupting the factory workflow. 

Build an Incentive Program.

Manufacturers can build incentive programs using mobile apps, which allow workers to earn points for completing tasks. Once they reach certain goals, they can receive rewards for establishing a better outlook and higher achievement across the workforce.

Manufacturers can also use mobile apps to reward customers. For instance, they can offer discounts based on how much a customer spends. This type of program encourages repeat business by rewarding loyal customers.

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Integrate into Your Business Processes.

Manufacturers can also use mobile apps to streamline their processes and get real-time production data. In addition to helping improve workflows, you can also provide feedback for a line manager and get updates from your team. 

This kind of software can also enable manufacturers to track inventory and ensure employees follow safety protocols. By integrating these apps into their workflow, businesses can save money by reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

Manufacturers can use them to schedule meetings, keep track of time and manage projects more effectively. 

Leverage Social Media.

Manufacturers can also utilise marketing in manufacturing through sharing product updates, promotions, and other relevant information through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Next Steps...

We're seeing a global shift in applications being adopted across industries to improve services and speed up operations.  

If your company would benefit from having software built that aligns with your company's goals and improves efficiency, feel free to reach out. We collaborate with businesses to provide solutions that improve operations and can help save you costs.