By Lottie


March 2022

New Year, New Goals: Entering 2022 & Beyond


In our blogs, we often explore the interesting points of tech. But we thought we'd start the year with something a bit different and chat about the happenings of the previous year and our goals for 2022 and beyond.

Last year saw a lot of highs, but like any year, there were some challenges along the way. We went into 2021 with the ongoing pandemic and saw us greet the new year with the UK's third lockdown.

During this time, we refined our goals for Barr Media to reflect on where we wanted to be in the future. We aimed to transition the business from being a solely digital marketing agency into a creative tech agency, which would allow us to grow and work with even more brands.

As 2021 has drawn to a close, we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to look back at what we achieved across the year.

January to March

We continued our collaboration with Petroc College and Innovate UK on our Learn Platform that would support small businesses when it comes to social media!

We also worked heavily on Hubinto, a vast project building the first property social network. Not only is it technologically innovative, but the designs are beautiful too.

We also started on some new client website work and helped grow their businesses using paid advertisements. It was also a busy month for us in terms of prospecting and getting lots of new clients like Encompass as the year was still fresh.

We also began working on the website for Odyssey Innovation, an incredible brand pioneering the circular economy, completing their sitemap, building out the wireframes and embarking on the designs.

April to June

We continued our work on Learn and Hubinto, working on innovative tools to enable estate agents to find prospects, pitch to them and close them as clients in an impressive, automatic and authentic-looking way.

In May, we collaborated with Rob from Treefrog Carpentry to create a contemporary business that reflected his values. From liaising with Rob, we crafted the new brand, ‘Yaffle & Bosk’ and designed the branding, including a primary logo, sub-marks, colour-ways and more.

We also made progress for Truffle v1.0 to go live through building a brand strategy, lots of testing and beginning some initial marketing efforts.

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July to September

This month saw us reach a great milestone in terms of Truffle as our development team were able to release  v1.0 with lots of exciting features and the major functions of the platform all complete.

We also had a great summer content creation project capturing all the top places to live in the county as we worked on content for Hubinto's marketing landing pages.

We also began capturing content for Curious Rose, taking photos of their products which they could use for their winter campaign for their online marketing.

September was a very exciting month for us as we began working with some new clients on some big projects! Our team also began the preparation for Truffle's v1.1 release with lots more exciting features being implemented.

October to December

A very busy month for us in terms of web projects! We started the month by implementing Truffle's latest platform designs headed up by our lovely Tab. Our team wanted a brand that would show off the fun, easy to use vision we have for Truffle.

Our tech team also began processing over 26 million property data records for Hubinto’s 'big data' powered map!

November was a very exciting month for meeting with new businesses. Our tech team were also very busy prepping the sitemap and prototype for Taw Tech, another innovative and modern manufacturing business working out of Barnstaple. We’ve yet to release the website, however, it’s coming very soon. We also began the research for implementing e-commerce features into Truffle (something we are hoping to see go live over this year!)

We had a very exciting photoshoot for Taylored Campervans where we were able to take out one of their campers around Devon to photograph. We’re also actively working on their website, improving the experience, traffic and more! We’re so excited to see what’s in store for these guys in 2022!

Goals for 2022

We are very excited for what the new year holds and are currently planning for what looks like a very busy year already! Here are just some of our main goals for 2022:

- To work with even more exciting brands.

- To release even more features including implementing an E-commerce store on our Truffle platform.

- To grow our business and partner with other agencies from around the UK. 

- To release Learn so that everyone is able to use the platform. 

If you would like to work with us over this coming year or please feel free to get in touch via our enquiry form!

Until then, we'll catch you guys over in our next blog!