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October 2023

Talkshoplive App: a Game-Changer in Mobile Live Commerce


TalkShopLive, a leading live commerce platform, has just unveiled its groundbreaking Studio app. Tailored for creators and brands, this app is redefining the mobile live commerce experience with robust management and broadcasting features. Whether it's collaborating with up to four individuals during a live session, pinning comments, or simulcasting directly to Facebook, this app has it all.

Features & Benefits

On-The-Go Access: With TalkShopLive's Studio app, sellers gain the advantage of leveraging the platform’s exhaustive features directly from their mobiles. This includes showcasing product details on-screen, highlighting products during pivotal show moments, real-time customer engagement, and detailed viewership analytics.

Seamless Shopping Experience: Their unique multi-embed point-of-sale tech ensures that customers can make purchases during live sessions without hindering their viewing pleasure. It even integrates seamlessly with sellers’ Shopify accounts.

HD-Quality Streaming: While TalkShopLive did have a prior iOS app, the Studio app stands out as the premier broadcast-quality app, promising HD streaming and a comprehensive built-in broadcast studio.

Enhanced Collaboration: One highly-anticipated feature is the option for sellers to onboard a team member as a producer or moderator. This off-screen collaborator can manage product sales, spotlight items, pin comments, and more, ensuring the smooth running of the live stream.

Exclusive Simulcast Feature: The recently introduced "Shoppable Simulcast" is revolutionary. Users can now broadcast their live streams directly to their Facebook business pages, especially noteworthy since Meta discontinued its live shopping feature. Bryan Moore, TalkShopLive’s CEO, mentioned, "We stand alone in offering a live shopping experience that's simultaneously viewable and shoppable across multiple domains."

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Current Partnerships and Future Plans

Moore hinted at collaborations with other social giants, with 2022 rumours from the Financial Times suggesting TikTok's potential partnership with TalkShopLive. As of now, the Studio app is exclusive to iOS, but Android users can anticipate their version soon.

The Growing Popularity of Live Commerce

With the U.S. live commerce sector projected to touch $31.7 billion in 2023 and China's expectation at $647 billion, there's no denying the massive potential. TalkShopLive, established in 2018, has been at the forefront, enabling celebrities, influencers, and brands to capitalise on shoppable live streams. Its impressive clientele boasts names like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Drew Barrymore, Dolly Parton, Jada Pinkett Smith, and more. Anyone can kickstart their TalkShopLive channel at zero cost and enjoy earnings, with the company retaining a modest 10%.

Investment Highlights

TalkShopLive recently secured a remarkable $7 million in an extension round, valuing the startup at $81 million. Esteemed investors like eBay founder Pierre Omidyar’s Spero Ventures, Progress Partners, and TuneIn have shown their support. This funding is set to pave TalkShopLive’s journey to profitability, targeting a commendable year-over-year growth rate of 150%.

In essence, TalkShopLive's Studio app couldn't have come at a better juncture, as Moore enthusiastically stated, "We’re witnessing a pivotal moment for North American livestream shopping. Our Studio app's launch is perfectly timed."

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