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September 2023

Teale Secures $11M for Employee Mental Wellness Platform


French tech firm Teale recently garnered $11 million in funding (equivalent to €10 million). This enterprise offers a digital platform aimed at mental wellness for employees, while also assisting HR professionals in averting potential burnouts or instances of silent resignations.

Leading the Series A funding are Alter Equity and Bpifrance’s Digital Venture fund. Previous backers, Isai and Evolem, have also contributed anew.

Teale operates on dual principles. For employees, it's a benefit as many reckon that their companies should actively support their mental health. Concurrently, it offers insights for HR teams to identify organisational issues.

Teale's CEO, Julia Néel Biz, expressed, “Our primary goal is to make mental health accessible to all, strip away the stigma and harness technology, data, and research for the betterment of mental wellness and creating healthier work environments.”

When firms endorse Teale, employees can download and engage with the app, initiating their journey with a comprehensive mental health assessment.

Néel Biz elaborates, “Our unique index was constructed in consultation with our scientific panel and collaborating psychologists. This board consists of esteemed psychiatrists and psychological practitioners. The index is scientifically endorsed as a robust mental health gauge.”

Post-evaluation, Teale suggests pertinent resources from its vast content library of over 1,000 audio and video segments addressing diverse issues like stress, sleep, grief, infertility, and more.

Additionally, the platform facilitates booking sessions with mental health professionals, simplifying the initiation of therapeutic interventions.

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For organisations, Teale offers a snapshot of the company's overall mental well-being without compromising individual confidentiality. HR teams can monitor Teale's adoption rates, the number of personal sessions booked, and more. For sizeable groups, such as a department or regional team with over 20 members, Teale offers an average mental wellness score, potentially highlighting areas like understaffing or management issues.

To date, approximately 100 corporations, including giants like Sanofi, SNCF, Cartier, and EY, have availed Teale for their workforce. Remarkably, about 45% of staff across these companies use Teale. With the fresh investment, Teale aims to grow its workforce from 25 to 80 in the ensuing 18 months and is looking to broaden its geographical reach.

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