By Lottie


June 2022

The Next Stage of the Internet? - a Look Inside the Metaverse


The metaverse - the next tech buzzword or is Mark Zuckerberg actually going to revolutionise how we interact with technology as we potentially approach the successor to the mobile internet? 

There were mixed feelings in October last year when it was announced Facebook would transition under the umbrella of 'Meta' as well as plans to spend over 10 billion dollars across the following year, as they begin to roll out their vision for the next potential stage of the internet - the metaverse. We're currently in the phase of seeing more innovative tech being rolled out, as more individuals consider how to utilise this technology. 

There may be some exciting advancements we'll see in the future of the metaverse - and we're talking very far into the future. Imagine creating virtual homes, experiencing concerts worldwide from the comfort of our living room and sharing experiences like never before with loved ones. 

It's very worthwhile to embrace these advances and how they could transform our future and how businesses operate. However, with any monumental advancement, there are many questions surrounding the metaverse. One thing is sure though, it will undoubtedly change how we interact with tech. 

So What Will the Metaverse Resemble?

The metaverse, considered another iteration of the internet, will transform how we visit online communities, search the web, manage businesses and ultimately interact with each other. 

In essence, the metaverse is an interactive digital world you can enter through headsets, glasses and more. You'll be able to search for answers, have interactions simulating the real world and enable you to experience worlds beyond it.

Much of what will happen in the metaverse is already occurring: we already connect with others online, share content and interact with virtual reality. The metaverse is the convergence of all of these and more.

Meta's vision would change how we use devices, the internet and apps offering a fully immersive digital world.  Instead of typing or tapping at a device, the metaverse will allow us to gesture with our hands, say a few words or even make things happen by thinking about them.

Avatars are created in the metaverse to represent individuals, engage with others and create online communities. Rather than communicating behind screens, we'll interact digitally as if we're in the same room. Essentially the metaverse will bring us closer as no device has before.

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How Will the Metaverse Change How We Live?

The metaverse will drastically change how we go about everyday things in our lives, but we're currently seeing this kind of change implemented already within our experiences through augmented reality and headsets to provide innovative solutions. 

The retail sector is already seeing these changes. Companies like IKEA released their Place app which uses augmented reality to place furniture to see how it will fit spaces. 

Education will also be transformed as it'll provide new opportunities for learners. The planets will no longer be taught from books, but instead through virtual solar systems to create immersive playgrounds and engaged learning. 

Healthcare will be provided with more efficient solutions on how patients can look after their health. The demand for counsellors continues to rise, but we're currently seeing virtual counselling offered, as well as therapists using VR goggles to provide exposure therapy to patients so they can experience situations that frighten them in controlled environments. 

How we design and build things will also be transformed by the metaverse. The creation of digital twins - virtual replicas of physical objects - is already popular among architects, engineers and creatives. As the metaverse develops, this type of co-creation tool will become even more popular. 

Our Final Thoughts

Creating a more immersive internet seems like the next logical step with the potential to create advancements in our daily lives as well as businesses.

So is the metaverse the next stage big thing in technology? At this stage it's very early in development however, there are many advancements happening in the virtual reality space as more business sectors are implementing this kind of tech. 

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