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October 2023

Tofu: AI-Driven Content Creation for B2B Marketing Campaigns


In the ever-evolving B2B marketing landscape, professionals grapple with numerous tools, often struggling to maintain a consistent message throughout their campaigns. Recognising this challenge, Tofu, an innovative startup, is on a mission to simplify the content creation process for large-scale omnichannel B2B initiatives.

Leveraging advanced generative AI technology, Tofu aims to benefit smaller marketing teams by offering a cohesive content generation platform. Recently, they secured a $5 million seed funding round spearheaded by Index Ventures and joined by SignalFire, Stage 2 Capital, and Liquid 2 Ventures.

Spotlight on Tofu: A Pioneering Company in Automated Content Creation

Location and Leadership: Tofu operates from San Mateo, California and is currently beta-testing with enterprise-level clients. The company's roots trace back to its founders - Eunjoon (EJ) Cho, Elaine Zelby, and Honglei Liu, all of whom possess a rich background in AI and marketing.

Origins of Tofu: The name "Tofu" is derived from "top of funnel", a marketing jargon symbolising the initial phase where potential leads become acquainted with a brand or offering. Tofu's vision is to replace the plethora of tools typically used during this phase, refining content targeting and channel optimisation.

AI's Potential in Marketing: Generative AI's ability to produce content marks a new era. Cho believes the future of content creation will be transformative. Recalling his journey, he emphasises the need for optimising ROI in the overwhelming world of marketing tools.

Enterprise CMOs' Predicament: After engaging with over 100 enterprise CMOs, a recurrent concern emerged: even with an arsenal of up to 30 tools, achieving large-scale campaigns remained an uphill battle due to resource limitations.

Tofu's Solution: Unified and Personalised Content

Integrated Approach: Tofu's platform promises to amalgamate multiple tools, delivering personalised content on a grand scale, while ensuring consistent messaging.

The Playbook: A unique offering, the Playbook acts as an AI knowledge graph. It's constructed by examining clients' online presence and marketing materials, and is segmented into three parts:

  • Company Details: Covers branding aspects such as logos, fonts, and product information.
  • Target Information: Includes segmented customer data like personas and PPC campaign stages, facilitating content customisation.
  • Assets: Comprises reusable materials like webinars, podcasts, and user research, serving as a content creation reservoir.

Automated Personalisation: Using the Playbook, Tofu crafts hyper-personalised campaigns. Depending on the target, content can be tailored at an account, persona, or industry level, enhancing engagement and relevance.

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Tofu in the Competitive Landscape

Generative AI in Marketing: A study by Boston Consulting Group highlighted that 67% of surveyed CMOs are already harnessing generative AI. This intersection of AI and marketing is seeing increased interest.

Tofu's Edge: What sets Tofu apart is its core features, like the Playbook. Marketers can effortlessly upload their existing data, which Tofu's AI adeptly processes. Cho further emphasises Tofu's focus on enterprises and its commitment to offering robust workflow integrations, ensuring that Tofu stands out as an indispensable asset for marketing teams.

Tofu is poised to redefine content creation in B2B marketing. By fusing AI with content generation, it promises to deliver streamlined, personalised, and impactful campaigns, ensuring marketers stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

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