Marketing campaigns

With 3.725 billion social media users, what are you doing to get your business heard?

With more of us online than ever before, we have become more perceptive when buying goods, so it's important to make your business heard.

Social media marketing can help your business emerge to the most important people who will love your brand and the services you offer.

Every social media journey with us is different, so we offer a tailored approach to every brand we work with to align with your goals. You may be looking for one aspect, or you might want many. No matter your goals, we'll work with you to create and carry out a strategy across your social platforms, so you can reach your target audience and grow.


Our marketing services

Paid Advertising

Even though social platforms are free doesn't mean that getting your optimal growth potential is too. Paid advertisement allows your online presence to grow as well as your online conversions. 

Setting a budget alongside your organic growth can fill the gaps in your marketing strategy and increase your optimal reach. Working with you, we'll define the right platforms for your ideal campaign, help you carry out successful campaigns and guide you on what's working and what isn't to allow future growth.

Content creation

We recognise that great content should advise, entertain and inspire your audience.

Great content is at the heart of what we do. Whether you're looking for videos, photos or graphics we'll create stunning visuals for your brand that puts you above your competitors.


 You may post great content, but without the right tone of voice or powerful direction, you may miss out on engaging with your audience effectively. We recognise copywriting strategies will help you stand out from the competition giving your dream audience a reason to stop and consume your content.

No matter the platform, we can help identify the right tone of voice that aligns with your brand grabbing your reader's attention and helping your message land.

When building any type of creative campaign, it’s essential to recognise the current media trends as well as the future of the online landscape.

Social Media Management

Originally from a social media background ourselves, Barr Media offers a full range of social media marketing services to businesses like yours. We can help with every step of the process, from setup and strategy to organic and paid growth. Whatever stage your business is at with socials, Barr Media wants to help take you to the next level.


Have you considered how you're using each platform? It's what you do behind the posts - through a strategy that translates to true business growth.

We work with our clients to create a strategy that will work for their brand covering everything from narrative and tactics to ideal platforms and content.