Software as a service

It's estimated that by 2025, 85% of organisations will be using SaaS for all their applications, making it the ideal business model.

At Barr Media, we love software as a service We think it can be not only an incredible business model but also allows for affordable, flexible and yet compelling apps and software to be provided to your customers.

Our in-house team of developers have worked on many cross-platform projects with a specific focus on building SaaS applications for our clients using well-known front-end and server technologies meaning that whatever your project, you're in experienced hands.

As a software development agency, we strive to integrate seamlessly with our clients. Whether that means you have a seed of an idea for a new SaaS business that you need developing, or you already have an existing product and team you need support for, we'll be excited to get involved!


SaaS opportunities

Traditionally, software was bought by license and then distributed via direct installation on a user's computer. With the many complexities of doing it this way, cloud-based software as a service solutions have grown massively in popularity for consumers over recent years.

Software built, sold and distributed in this more modern fashion provides lower costs and easier access for users widening your business's total addressable market as well as generating a far more predictable, stable revenue stream for your company.

Software and apps can now be truly cross-platform, accessible from anywhere from any device making SaaS as the model for your business one to highly consider.

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Our team has had years of experience building many digital products, many of which integrate the SaaS model into how they're built, sold and distributed to users. Why not get in touch if you have an idea or an existing product you need help with? We'd love to chat and see how we can help!